Senior research analyst, Equity Research team

Stefanie Rintoul

Stefanie is a member of Newton’s equity research team. In her current role, she is responsible for covering biotechnology equities.

Joined industry
Joined Newton

Stefanie joined Newton in September 2021, following the integration of Mellon Investments Corporation’s equity and multi-asset capabilities into the Newton Investment Management Group. Before joining Newton, Stefanie was a senior research analyst at Mellon Investments Corporation (a BNY Mellon group company).

Prior to joining BNY Mellon, Stefanie covered biotechnology equities as an analyst at UBS Asset Management. Before entering the investment sector, Stefanie held roles in oncology preclinical research and development and strategy as a part of the Innovative Medicines R&D Program at AstraZeneca. She also completed research in a biophysics laboratory at Carnegie Mellon.

Stefanie has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame.