Our inclusive and supportive culture fosters collaboration as we seek to achieve our commercial objectives in a responsible manner which is consistent with our corporate purpose.


We support a select range of opportunities that reflect our core values.

The Centre for Financial Capability/KickStart Money

Newton Investment Management Ltd is a founding supporter of the charity The Centre for Financial Capability, and is a founding member of its ground-breaking collaborative project KickStart Money, which aims to take financial education to almost 20,000 UK primary school children, catalysing a movement to build a savings culture for the future.

Significant proportions of the UK population lack the basic functional skills and knowledge to effectively manage their money. KickStart Money has been developed as a mechanism for the financial services industry to proactively and collectively transform the long-term savings behaviour of a generation.

Find out more about The Centre for Financial Capability and Kickstart Money.

Centre for Endowment Asset Management

Based within the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School, the Centre is dedicated to high quality research that furthers academic knowledge and practitioner understanding of long-horizon investing. The Centre’s agenda includes historical perspectives on current investment concerns and research on responsible investment strategies.

The Centre publishes regularly in leading academic journals, hosts conferences, and works in collaboration with a number of other leading institutions. It also performs a key educational role, carrying out teaching in the area of long-horizon investing, and developing case studies of leading long-term investors to be used for interactive classroom teaching.

Newton has been a long-term supporter of the Centre. We believe in the importance of academic research and the potential for long-term value creation through bridging the gaps between research, practice and policy. Through the Centre’s network, we have engaged US and UK-based academics in research work on a number of key topics of relevance to our clients.

Find out more about the Cambridge Judge Business School and the Centre for Endowment Asset Management.