A Perspective on Returns - Thoughts from our Real Return Team

In the early part of this decade, we discussed a qualitative idea for the post-millennial world, which we called ‘A Perspective on Returns’. In a new paper we provide an update on our thinking amid the current escalation in financial-market volatility.

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Sustainable bond investing

Sustainable bond investing at Newton

Most investors are familiar with the integration of environmental, social and governance research analysis into an equity investment process, but how does this work for bonds?

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Investment comment Jan 2018

Investment Outlook – January 2018

Given the protective role of policymakers since the financial crisis, the $450 million sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Saviour of the World’ in November was an apt example of the effects of easy money.

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Fly on the Wall: The Newton blog

Fly on the Wall

The Newton blog: ‘Listen in’ on the buzz from our investment team

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