Who We Serve

Each client has its own particular objectives, and our starting point is to understand what they are and how we can best help meet them by being an expert partner.

Defined Benefit Plans

Whether corporate, state and local government, or multi-employer union, we offer a range of strategies designed to help DB plans meet their objectives.

Defined Contribution Plans

We work closely with plans and specialist DC consultants to ensure we fully understand the outcomes that participants are looking for and are positioned to offer the right strategies.

Trusts, Endowments and Foundations

We understand that each organization is unique and will have its own investment objective and set of requirements. Whatever your organization’s purpose, we aim to provide an effective investment strategy to achieve its goals.

Insurance Companies

We offer a range of strategies across all major asset classes, which are designed to help insurers meet their objectives. These include liquid alternatives, efficient systematic strategies, inflation hedging and tail-risk management.

Outsourced CIO/Fiduciaries

With a comprehensive suite of actively managed strategies including equity, fixed-income and multi-asset, we can support OCIOs and fiduciaries in meeting their clients’ desired investment outcomes.


Through BNY Mellon Investment Management, we work in partnership with a wide range of financial intermediaries to provide strategies to meet their clients’ particular investment objectives.

Sovereign Investors

Harnessing BNY Mellon Investment Management’s worldwide presence and local language support, we offer investment strategies designed to meet the performance and diversification requirements of sovereign investors across the world.

Individual Investors

Our strategies are available to individual investors in the US via BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc.

* Source: Newton group of companies, June 30, 2024. Newton global assets under management (AUM) is the combined total assets under management of Newton Investment Management Limited (‘NIM’), Newton Investment Management North America LLC (‘NIMNA’) and Newton Investment Management Japan Limited (‘NIMJ’) as calculated as at June 30, 2024. In addition, Newton’s global AUM includes assets of bank-maintained collective investment funds for which Newton has been appointed sub-advisor or in limited instances, where Newton personnel act as dual officers of affiliated companies. The AUM includes assets under advisement (AUA) for a model of securities that the firm does not arrange or effect the purchase or sale of securities.