At Newton, we understand the challenges that today’s world presents for our clients and believe that taking a holistic approach to investing has never been more critical.

We created a multidimensional research platform, with fundamental in-house research a key component, but recognised the need to go further.

That’s meant reimagining how a research platform must be structured to have full sight of the investment landscape of today and tomorrow.

We’ve equipped our analysts and portfolio managers with access to innovative capabilities, from investigative research by former journalists, to specialist insights on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues, and expert analysis of private markets.*
It’s about looking at investment prospects from all relevant angles – in search of the widest perspective possible on the investment landscape.

It’s an approach driven by our pursuit of attractive outcomes for our clients.

Research advantage

  • Our multidimensional research platform provides our investment team with a toolkit like no other.
  • Fundamental, security-specific research is a key component, but it is not the only analytical approach that we have available.

    Other research capabilities that our teams can access include thematic, ESG-focused, geopolitical, credit, investigative and private-market research.*

    And these are augmented by a quantitative toolset. It’s a platform that we believe leads our portfolio managers to better investment decisions.

Active and engaged

  • We believe that helping our clients achieve their goals necessitates a highly active, innovative, engaged and investment-led approach.
  • Active ownership is a central tenet of our investment processes, and we engage and vote, where applicable, to influence practices on matters which we consider material for the issuer, and as we seek outcomes that are in the best long-term economic interests of our clients.

    We do this to try to enhance sustainable shareholder value, and with the conviction that over the long term the interests of all stakeholders are generally aligned.
  • Our engagement activities are not limited to issuers. We have been active participants in the debate regarding best practices, standards and regulations. In doing so, we aim to achieve a better understanding, have greater influence, and enhance the rights of investors and wider stakeholder groups.

Your capital may be at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the original amount invested.

* Newton manages a variety of investment strategies. How ESG analysis is integrated into Newton’s strategies depends on the asset classes and/or the particular strategy involved. Newton does not currently view certain types of investments as presenting ESG risks, opportunities and/or issues, and believes it is not practicable to evaluate such risks, opportunities and/or issues for certain other investments. Where ESG is considered, other attributes of an investment may outweigh ESG considerations when making investment decisions.