We focus on delivering outcomes for our clients across active equities, income, absolute return (including fixed income), multi-asset, thematic and sustainable strategies. We also have the capability to create bespoke solutions to address the new challenges our clients face.

Defined benefit schemes

In recent years, defined benefit (DB) schemes have faced a challenging environment of low interest rates, economic uncertainty and market volatility. At the same time, many schemes have been closing to new entrants, while increasing maturity is leading to rising cash outflows as members retire.

Pension fund investment has been at the core of our business since our inception in 1978, and we offer a range of strategies designed to help DB schemes meet their objectives. These include absolute-return strategies, which seek to deliver positive returns irrespective of market conditions. We also offer a range of income products, aimed at helping schemes deliver on their dual objective of generating income to meet cash requirements and growing capital over time, as well as a range of high-conviction strategies.

Defined contribution schemes

The defined-contribution sector continues to evolve at a fast pace as the industry works to implement the multitude of regulatory changes introduced in recent years. The headwinds faced by DC pension schemes are diverse: fee caps, consolidation and increasing focus on sustainability are forcing schemes to reconsider their investments.

Newton is one of the UK’s most prominent active managers of DC pension investments. We work closely with DC master trusts, DC schemes and specialist DC consultants to ensure we fully understand the outcomes that members are looking for and any constraints or specific considerations that trustees must take into account.

We believe our actively managed multi-asset and absolute-return strategies are well suited to the specific requirements of DC schemes and their members at each stage of the retirement journey. We also offer a broad range of equity and fixed-income strategies, and we have a range of sustainable investment strategies which aim to generate sustainable risk-adjusted returns for clients alongside improved long-term global outcomes for society and the environment.

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Local government pension schemes

Newton has a long history of working in partnership with local authorities, and has been managing local authority mandates since 1994.

Local authorities are experiencing a period of great change, as local government pension schemes collaborate to pool assets and deliver improved outcomes for their members. We are fully supportive of the new pooling arrangements, and are an active manager in one of the UK’s premier pools, as well as working together with other pools in order to bring our expertise to the industry. We have local government pension scheme clients across a number of different pools, which helps us stay attuned to the requirements and developments of this area.

We have investment capabilities in actively managed equity and absolute-return strategies. We also have a range of sustainable investment products to address the growing desire to put environmental, social and governance issues at the core of an investment strategy.


Our focus on performance and service has helped us become one of the UK’s leading charity investment managers, with discretionary clients and investors in Newton-managed funds spanning a broad spectrum of charitable causes.

Charities often rely on the proceeds of their investment portfolios to fund valuable projects. We understand that each charity is unique and will have its own investment objective and set of requirements. Whether your charity provides scholarships, funds scientific research or saves lives, we aim to provide you with a highly effective investment strategy.

For charities wishing to benefit from the administrative ease of a pooled investment, we offer a large variety of pooled funds to meet a broad range of investment objectives, including those focused on long-term income and growth generation, responsible investing, and also lower-volatility absolute-return strategies.

Insurance companies

We offer a range of strategies across all major asset classes, which are designed to help insurers meet their objectives. These include absolute-return strategies, which seek to deliver positive returns irrespective of market conditions. We also offer a range of income products and high-conviction relative-return strategies.

Whether you are a life, non-life, reinsurance or health insurance company, we understand the challenges you face and the opportunities you need to harness, including the need to expand and diversify investment options, boost investment performance and maximise liquidity.


Through BNY Mellon Investment Management, we work in partnership with a wide range of financial intermediaries to provide strategies to meet their clients’ particular investment objectives. We bring a focused approach across our comprehensive range of actively managed equity, fixed-income and multi-asset strategies.

Sovereign investors

As markets have experienced the effects of unconventional monetary policy, and with income levels on traditional assets such as cash and government bonds having fallen, many sovereign wealth funds and other governmental and supranational organisations have been reassessing their asset allocation. Harnessing BNY Mellon Investment Management’s worldwide presence and local language support, we offer investment strategies designed to meet the performance and diversification requirements of sovereign investors across the world.

Individual investors

Our strategies are available to retail investors via BNY Mellon Investment Management, which distributes the Newton range of actively managed funds. This relationship preserves our focus on investment, while allowing access to the significant breadth of BNY Mellon’s distribution channels.

Your capital may be at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the original amount invested.