• Across each area of economic activity, businesses are shifting away from increasingly outdated, analogue methods of work towards new technologies which promise greater efficiencies in the digital age. A key aspect of this transition is the migration of global workloads onto the cloud. As digital transformation continues to progress, digital connectivity will permeate a greater number of consumer and business activities via connected devices, which we believe will serve to accelerate the ‘internet of things’ phenomenon.

These themes consider the longer-term opportunities around financial inclusion, with services now more accessible than ever to a growing segment of the global population. All this will be made possible by the build out and development of 5G mobile networks and ancillary infrastructure.

Financial inclusion

Fintech is facilitating broader access to financial services, with new products and services more accessible to society as a whole.
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Connected world

Digital connectivity will extend further into consumer and business segments through connected devices, homes, cars and workplaces, with the ‘internet of things’ phenomenon accelerating. Connectivity infrastructure, including fibre and 5G, is facilitating this shift.
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Computer infrastructure and software demand is increasingly being met via the internet, driving a ‘re-platforming’ of global business operations to the cloud.
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Digital transformation

Businesses across all sectors are moving away from outdated analogue methods of working towards new technologies which enable them to remain up to speed in the digital age.
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