This year’s survey suggests that 2022 is a year of change for the charity sector

Many charities continue to feel the longer-term impacts of the pandemic, while widespread concern over inflation, a cost-of-living crisis and geopolitical uncertainty have provided a challenging backdrop for investment strategy and performance.

Nevertheless, some trends remain unchanged – responsible investing and ethical considerations continue to be important topics for charities as they come under increasing pressure from stakeholders.

Some of the highlights

In 2022, inflation is now the main concern for charities, and by a significant margin.
  • Over 75% of charities state that inflation is very concerning.
  • 99% of charities are at least somewhat concerned about the subject.
  • Rising costs, less generous donations and increasing demand from beneficiaries could present a major challenge for charities.
  • The proportion of charities reporting increased demand for their services has risen significantly – from 45% in 2021 to 59% in 2022 – and still well above the 46% reported in 2020.

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