Charities: Withdrawal rates and reserves policies

We consider how charity trustees can arrive at a maintainable spending or withdrawals policy for their endowment.


How can we unlock opportunity in a new market regime?

CEO Euan Munro explores how we seek to unlock opportunity for our clients.


Investment comment – April 2024

With the start of 2024 characterised by a synchronised growth narrative, we assess the investment opportunities and risks.


Investment comment – January 2024

Financial markets were reignited towards the end of 2023 as hopes for an economic soft landing gathered pace.


Charities team 2024 outlook: Opportunities in the new market regime

We consider the investment market outlook for 2024 and explore where charity investors should look for opportunities.

Real Return outlook

Real Return: our 2024 outlook

We assess the investment opportunities.


The evolution of our themes

Our themes continue to evolve in line with the significant changes we are seeing across the globe.


Investment comment – October 2023

With interest rates set to remain elevated, we consider the implications for economies and financial markets.

Defining our approach to net zero

Defining our approach to net zero

Defining Newton's approach to driving down carbon emissions.

Investment comment - July 2023

Investment comment – July 2023

After a quarter dominated by AI-related enthusiasm and the rate-hiking cycle, we assess whether economies face a slowdown.


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