At Newton, Purpose Is Everything

Our Investment Philosophy

Our approach entails looking at investment prospects from all relevant angles – in search of the widest perspective possible on the investment landscape.

We seek to understand the ‘mosaic’ (full picture) of each investment candidate we assess in pursuit of the more resilient and enduring returns our clients require. We achieve perspective through the breadth of our analysis, harnessing our expertise spanning fundamental, thematic, ESG, quantitative, geopolitical, investigative and private-market research to promote better-informed investment decisions.

Active ownership is a central tenet of our investment processes, and we engage and vote, where applicable, to influence practices on matters which we consider material for the issuer, and as we seek outcomes that are in the best long-term economic interests of our clients. We do this to try to enhance sustainable shareholder value, and with the conviction that over the long term the interests of all stakeholders are generally aligned.