Hear about How We Are Seeking Future Growth

Equity Chief Investment Officer John Porter explains to the investment communications team’s Matthew Goodburn why he remains optimistic about selective parts of the US small and mid-cap sector.

What’s Next for SMID Growth Stocks?

Choppy market conditions can cause investors to become risk averse, but we believe these conditions can actually offer some of the most attractive entry points into world-class growth companies for investors with a longer-term horizon. Watch a recent webinar with John Porter, CIO of Equities, and Miki Behr, portfolio manager in the Global Opportunities team, about how continuing market volatility could unearth compelling growth opportunities in the SMID growth space.

How Can I Achieve Balance between Risk and Return?

Problem Facing Investors

Balancing risk and reward is top of mind for investors in this area. How can investors harvest returns while navigating the complex risks native to the SMID growth asset class?

Achieving Balance

We believe that a thematic and research-led approach to the asset class can help investors identify compelling and enduring opportunities.

Themes are powerful, transformative forces that can influence and reshape the global economy, industries and society in ways that alter the investment landscape dramatically. They have a profound impact on corporate revenue and earnings, and ultimately on whether companies endure or fail.

Enduring Opportunities

We focus on high-quality companies, especially those viewed as leaders in their market spheres. Through our fundamental and specialist research, and our thematic insights, we seek to identify companies with attractive growth characteristics, which we believe can result in a sustainable trajectory of returns to investors.

Four Reasons to Invest in SMID Cap Growth

  • Armor, Shield, Rug
    Extensive domain expertise
  • Machine, Rug, Gear
    Differentiated opportunities unearthed through thematic investment framework
  • Symbol, Text, Logo
    Sustainable growth opportunities identified via fundamental and specialist research
  • Lighting
    Downside managed via enhanced risk assessment and disciplined investment process

Explore Newton’s US Small Mid Cap Growth Equity strategy

A strategy that seeks to achieve the balance between risk and return that investors are looking for. It harnesses the return potential of innovative and disruptive small-cap and mid-cap companies, while applying a robust risk assessment framework and a disciplined thematic investment process.

Meet the Team

Our analytical insights are driven by our deep expertise, which we believe provides a unique advantage to our strategy. Our team of seasoned investment professionals have accumulated a breadth of expertise and industry experience over multiple business cycles, and each member has a minimum of 10 years of investment experience. This domain expertise is the foundation of our thematic work, as well as providing differentiated company and industry insights.

  • John Porter
    Chief investment officer
    head of equity
  • Karen Miki Behr
    Karen Miki Behr
    Portfolio manager,
    Global Opportunities team

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