Q2 2021 Spotlight on

Responsible investment and stewardship


This year we have published our first responsible investment and stewardship annual report. It describes our approach to stewardship, and provides examples of how we implement this approach through ESG integration, engagement and voting.

Highlights from Q2 2021

  • We voted at
    Annual General Meetings
    Extraordinary General Meetings
    on behalf of our clients
  • We engaged with
    for the purpose of raising ESG concerns or seeking further information.
  • Examples of engagement with companies included matters such as:

    • supply chains
    • climate change
    • human capital management
    • corporate culture
    • compensation
    • energy transition
    • diversity
    • board effectiveness

Voting Profile: Q2 2021

During the quarter, we exercised our clients’ voting rights at a total of 308 shareholder meetings.

Across all regions, votes were instructed against management recommendations on 710 separate resolutions, which equated to 53.2% of the 308 meetings.

1 In favor of management on all resolutions.
2 Against management on one or more resolutions. Including abstentions and withhold votes where there was no option to vote against.
3 Took no action owing to share blocking.


took no action3


in favor of management1




against management2

Key Issues of Concern

ESG quality reviews

We conduct quality reviews analyzing the separate ESG aspects of all companies our global sector analysts are considering recommending for investment. These quality reviews are undertaken by our responsible investment team who award an ESG rating score out of 10. Each quarter key issues of concern are identified and are closely monitored by our responsible investment analysts.

Failure to disclose sustainability efforts undertaken.

Changing of executive remuneration performance targets during the performance period.

Emission-reduction plans not aligned with the Paris Agreement.


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