The Evolution of Our Themes

Our themes continue to evolve in line with the significant changes we are seeing across the globe.


Real Return Team Viewpoint – October 2023

Do recent moves in government bond markets signal mounting headwinds for the global economy?


Investment Outlook – October 2023

With interest rates set to remain elevated, we consider the implications for economies and financial markets.

Defining our approach to net zero

Defining Our Approach to Achieving Net Zero

We set out our approach as we seek to achieve net zero from our financed emissions.

Investment thoughts from our Real Return team

Real Return Team Viewpoint – July 2023

As many forecast an economic ‘soft landing’, we consider why there may be cause for caution.

Investment comment - July 2023

Investment Outlook – July 2023

After a quarter dominated by AI-related enthusiasm and the rate-hiking cycle, we assess whether economies face a slowdown.

Beyond the boundaries: investment opportunities in a new market regime

Beyond the Boundaries: Investment Opportunities in a New Market Regime

CEO Euan Munro explores opportunities amid a changing structural backdrop and as market conditions have evolved dramatically.

Dynamic Equity and the New Regime

Dynamic Equity and the New Regime

Lower fundamental and macro expectations have resulted in defensive positioning.


Real Return Team Viewpoint – April 2023

What was behind the recent banking turmoil and what are the implications for the market outlook?


Investment Outlook – April 2023

As market participants navigate China’s reopening, banking turmoil and an uncertain monetary-policy trajectory, we consider the investment implications.


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