• A host of new technologies are making networks, systems, processes and products of all kinds increasingly responsive and more intelligent, with ‘smart’ devices paving the way for enhanced efficiency and greater productivity.

At the forefront of this group of themes is the rapid proliferation of silicon – faster and more cost-effective microchips which serve as the foundational technology that ultimately facilitates what is becoming an increasingly connected, digital world. These themes consider advances in the fields of mobility and distributed-ledger technologies like blockchain, while also monitoring new approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing application of deep learning.


Distributed-ledger technology (also known as blockchain) provides diversified uses as a software that permits the creation of provable and immutably unique digital fingerprints. At its core, this breakthrough capability protects against duplication in the digital age, representing a transformational shift in trust-dependent ecosystems.

Mobility innovation

Mobility innovation is the disruptive, transformational shift in how we use, power and control all means of mobility. It profoundly affects businesses, governments and consumers by materially altering interactions across the mobility landscape.

Big data & AI

A new approach to artificial intelligence called ‘deep learning’ is enabling some of the original promises of artificial intelligence (AI) to become more commonplace, pushing up penetration rates while at the same continuing to expand the range of possible AI applications.

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