Julianne is a senior portfolio manager and Newton’s head of sustainable equities. As an experienced investor, she has been integral in identifying resources to support and enhance the integration of sustainability considerations into the firm’s investment practices. Julianne has managed a selection of global and regional equity mandates. She is currently the lead portfolio manager for the BNY Mellon Large Cap Securities Fund and co-manages the BNY Mellon Women’s Empowerment ETF, leveraging the global research team to deliver capital growth by investing in high quality US companies with strong positions in their industries.

Joined industry
Joined the Group

Julianne joined Newton in September 2021, following the integration of Mellon Investments Corporation’s equity and multi-asset capabilities into the Newton Investment Management Group. Before joining Newton, Julianne was a senior portfolio manager at Mellon Investments Corporation and The Boston Company Asset Management (both BNY Mellon group companies). Prior to joining BNY Mellon, Julianne was an equity analyst at State Street Research & Management. Julianne has a BS in Finance from Lehigh University and an MBA with a Financial Management track from MIT Sloan School of Management.