Current Opportunities

  • Java Developer

    We are currently recruiting for a Java Developer to join our team.
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  • Compliance Monitoring Analyst

    We are currently recruiting for a Compliance Monitoring Analyst to join our team.
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  • Digital Marketing Manager

    We are currently recruiting for a Digital Marketing Manager to join our team.
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  • Data Scientist

    We are currently recruiting for a Data Scientist to join our team.
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All current job opportunities with Newton are available on the BNY Mellon job portal.

Life at Newton

Newton is a stimulating and rewarding place to work, which is reflected in the success we have had in retaining our investment personnel.


Rebecca White, Responsible Investment Analyst: I really enjoyed working at Newton and the people I was around. I think you get to know people at Newton; you feel like you know everyone when you wander around the office, which is really nice. You can go and get a cup of coffee and recognize other people that are there; you see their faces every day and you can talk to them.

Zamanur Shah, Applications Support Analyst: I was incredibly nervous at first, but what I found very quickly was that everyone in Newton is incredibly friendly. If I change my career path in the future I will always have this experience that I can fall back on.

Rorie Evans, Client Director: So as I was going through my resettlement I heard about the returning military program that BNY Mellon runs, and so applied to it and was fortunate enough to get a position on it. I’m studying for the CFA, which, I have to say, Newton have been very supportive with; they’re paying for me to do it and giving me some time off to do it as well which is great.

Hanneke Smits, Chief Executive Officer: Making investments on behalf of clients is very, very difficult, and in particular doing it well, and to that extent, it’s very important that we have diversity of thought, and the simplest way to achieve that is through hiring people from diverse backgrounds.

Meet the team

To hear more about how some of our team members have developed their careers at Newton, please watch the following videos.