• Careful management of these resources and solutions that address the stresses we have placed upon them will be necessary for economic, social and planetary stability.

Centuries of burning fossil fuels have resulted in greenhouse-gas emissions which are the single largest contributor to rising global temperatures, and profound changes will be needed if the effects of climate change are to be contained. These themes look at those solution providers in a position to help both sovereigns and companies achieve net-zero objectives and facilitate the path towards decarbonization.

Furthermore, with the world likely to be home to an additional two billion people by 2050, we consider investment opportunities in seeking to meet the growing demands of expanding populations in a way that minimizes resource use and waste.


Climate change is the biggest challenge the planet is facing. Greenhouse-gas emissions are the single largest contributor to rising temperatures, and industry, agriculture, construction and transport are among key sectors needing to reduce their carbon profiles. As those decarbonization efforts progress, there are likely to be opportunities in companies providing solutions and seeking to avoid areas which are adversely exposed.
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Climate Adaptation

Despite the market’s focus on climate transition and mitigation, our world is already facing observable and irreversible effects caused by current levels of warming. Climate adaptation reflects the need to adjust our behavior and adapt our infrastructure to build resilience against these near-term impacts. Adapting to the climate change already in the pipeline will require significant investment in sustainable infrastructure, food systems, water, energy, detection systems, and public health.
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Resource Optimization

As economies and populations grow, the world needs to produce more with less resource impact and waste, and make the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy. There should be opportunities in companies providing solutions in optimizing resource usage in areas such as water, recycling, industry, construction and precision agriculture.
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Food System Innovation

Innovative solutions are emerging across the food supply chain as population growth and unprecedented demand for food strain natural resources.

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