The Net Zero Challenge…

The sixth and latest report by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in August 2021 warned that the world would reach 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming by 2030 under all scenarios examined. At the COP26 climate summit last November, there was much talk but still a relative dearth of concrete detail about how net-zero carbon emissions would be achieved. What is clear though is that if we are to collectively hit the pledged net-zero targets, it will require an extraordinary and global effort, and asset managers will have a crucial role to play.

Our Net Zero Pledge

  • 50%
    of our financed emissions to be covered by credible transition plans by 2030
  • 100%
    of our financed emissions to be covered by credible transition plans by 2040 1 2

Hear our Global Head of Sustainable Investment Therese Niklasson discuss our net-zero approach

Our Sustainable Strategies

Our sustainable investment strategies seek a balance between the current and future needs of stakeholders. They aim to encourage a better allocation of capital that leads to the generation of sustainable risk-adjusted returns for clients alongside improved long-term global outcomes for society and the environment.

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1 While Newton’s final target of having 100% of its financed emissions covered by credible transition plans by 2040 necessarily implies that all of its global assets under management (AUM) will be committed to net zero emissions by that point, currently 67% of its AUM (as distinct from financed emissions) are subject to the initiative.
2 ‘Financed emissions’, global assets under management’ or ‘AUM’ refers to the combined assets under management of Newton Investment Management Ltd and Newton Investment Management North America LLC.

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Newton manages a variety of investment strategies. How ESG considerations are assessed or integrated into Newton’s strategies depends on the asset classes and/or the particular strategy involved. ESG may not be considered for each individual investment and, where ESG is considered, other attributes of an investment may outweigh ESG considerations when making investment decisions. ESG considerations do not form part of the research process for Newton’s small cap and multi-asset solutions strategies.

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