Ed is a member of Newton’s equity research team. In his current role, Ed is a senior portfolio manager on the small mid cap equity investment team and a portfolio manager on the Smart Cures Innovation strategy.

Joined industry
Joined the Group

Ed joined Newton in September 2021, following the integration of Mellon Investments Corporation’s equity and multi-asset capabilities into the Newton Investment Management Group. Before joining Newton, Ed was a senior portfolio manager and research analyst at Mellon Investments Corporation, The Boston Company Asset Management and Standish Mellon Asset Management (all BNY Mellon group companies). Ed has served in various roles across small cap, large cap, value, growth, international and domestic portfolios. In addition, he has covered multiple industries, with a focus on healthcare, for over 20 years.

Ed began his investment career in 1989 at Standish, Ayer & Wood, a legacy firm.

Ed has a degree in Finance from Villanova University. He received his CFA* designation in 1995 and is a member of the CFA Institute.

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