Brock Campbell

Brock is head of global research at Newton. He provides leadership and managerial oversight of the research team and research process, and works to develop the strategic direction of the research platform.

Joined industry
Joined the Group

Brock is also a portfolio manager for the Global Infrastructure Dividend Focus Equity and Global Natural Resources strategies, as well as a senior research analyst responsible for covering infrastructure-related equities, including electric, industrial and communications infrastructure companies, with a focus on the energy transition theme.

Brock joined Newton in September 2021, following the integration of Mellon Investments Corporation’s equity and multi-asset capabilities into the Newton Investment Management Group. Before joining Newton, Brock was the head of equity research, a senior research analyst, research associate and portfolio assistant at Mellon Investments Corporation and The Boston Company Asset Management (both BNY Mellon group companies).

Brock began his investment career in 2005. He has spent his entire career with BNY Mellon.

Brock has a BA in Political Science and Economics from Wheaton College. He received his CFA1 designation in 2011 and is a member of the CFA Institute.

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