Fast Forward. A journey to the future of investment.

The 2020 Newton Investment Conference | 12 November 2020

The events of 2020 have changed the world more quickly than we could ever have imagined. Wherever we look, changes have been rapid – in the way we work, in our use of technology, in the way we shop, in supply chains, in finance, and in attitudes towards our climate.

How can you make sense of what has happened this year? How can you address what the future has in store? Well, one way is to go there, and we take some of our investment experts forward in time to see first-hand how the way we live and work will change. They report back on their findings, and our studio guests explore the implications for investors.

Join us, and our news anchor Daisy McAndrew, as we go ‘Fast forward’ on a journey to the future of investment.

You will be able to claim two hours’ continuing professional development (CPD) from this online conference.


The Future Today

Daisy McAndrew discussed the key changes shaping the investment landscape with portfolio managers Suzanne Hutchins and Paul Markham. They digested the contributions of our reporters:

A perspective on the pandemic

The future of a manipulated world

Digitalisation sped-up

The changing face of consumption

Tomorrow’s World

A panel of experts explored a range of sustainable investment topics with the help of our reporters:

Sustainable Development Goals – a post-pandemic view
Where next for supply chains?
Climate change and the energy transition
The future of work

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