24/7 support

Life can be difficult at times. In those moments, a listening ear may suffice, but at other times greater support may be needed.

Newton offers a range of support for mental health and wellbeing.

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I’m looking for support for myself or a colleague

Mental health ambassadors

Ambassadors offer a non-judgemental listening ear to anyone at Newton who needs it, and can connect you with internal and external wellbeing support services. If you would like to speak, in confidence, with a wellbeing ambassador in your location or globally, please reach out to us via our email address

Mental health champions

Mental health champions are specially trained employees who advocate for mental health awareness in the workplace, provide supportive listening, and can direct you to more specialised resources.

For your awareness, there are currently six mental health champions in our London office

Lale Akoner
Peter Amey
Tanya Barker
Elina Ozola
Nirosh Perera
Natasha Weston

I’m looking for external professional support

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
24/7 confidential support and free access to counselling services.

UK: Login code – BNYM
0800 243 458
India:1800 258 8999 / 1800 258 8121
Japan: 0800 222
Code: BNYM

I’m looking for wellbeing tools / apps

Wellbeing tools/apps
Build better habits