Building foundations for a better financial future

Newton investment Management is proud to be a founding member of a ground-breaking collaborative project called KickStart Money. Newton alongside 19 other leading UK financial services companies and the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA), aim to take financial education to over 18,000 primary school children, catalysing a movement to build a national savings culture for the future.

About KickStart Money

Significant proportions of the UK population lack the basic functional skills and knowledge to effectively manage their money. KickStart Money has been developed as a mechanism for the financial services industry to proactively and collectively transform the long term savings behaviour of a generation.

With a shared aim of raising over £1 million, KickStart Money is a serious statement of intent by the savings and investment industry and supports calls for financial education to become a compulsory element of the Primary National Curriculum.

KickStart Money’s prime delivery partner is the highly respected and award winning financial education charity MyBnk. The project has been recognised by the Money Advice Service as one of 58 winning projects chosen from 400 applications to receive funding as part of their What Works Fund.

Kickstarting the project

Empowering young people to take charge of their future by bringing money to life.

KickStart Money is delivered by MyBnk, whose programmes have been independently evaluated and proven by the Money Advice Service.

Co-designed by young people and complemented by teacher resources and homework challenges, MyBnk uses trained experts from education, finance and drama to deliver sessions that apply learnings to the real world.

Sessions include:

  • My Money: Value and importance of money, where money comes from, personal relationship with money.
  • My Choices: Spending, shopping, prioritising, needs and wants, budgeting, self-reflection.
  • My Future: Planning for the future, saving, earning money, money motivation and vision-based goal setting.

MyBnk’s unique and engaging activities teach young people to become informed consumers, savvy savers and mindful spenders – by making finance fun.