Corporate responsibility is central to Newton’s business and investment philosophy.

Newton is committed to acting responsibly in all its dealings and pursues a number of initiatives that support these values and beliefs, both as a corporate entity in our own right, and in conjunction with our parent company, BNY Mellon.

We aspire to make a positive difference to the environment and communities in which we work and live.

About us

Newton’s Corporate Responsibility Committee

We aim to have a positive impact upon the way in which our business operates, by:

  • identifying environmental and social concerns arising from Newton’s activities, and developing strategies to address these
  • encouraging, inspiring and supporting our colleagues across a range of volunteering activities

Our employees

A positive work environment is key to our success. We uphold a culture of diversity, and support our parent company network of affinity groups which are open to all employees. Our affinity network is co-ordinated by our parent company, BNY Mellon, and includes:

  • GENEDGE (to share the knowledge capital, energy and range of talents within our diverse, multigenerational workforce to solve business problems)
  • HEART (to promote awareness of the needs of those with disabilities)
  • IMPACT (to bring together people from multi-cultural backgrounds)
  • PRISM (to promote an open and supportive environment for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees)
  • VETNET (to serve as a resource for the recruitment, retention, professional development and advancement of military members as they transition to new careers and civilian life)
  • WIN (to promote a culture of leadership and sponsorship to recognize and support the professional development and advancement of our women)


Sustainability is integral to our long-term growth. We place high importance upon strong internal management structures, governance systems and communications, and we uphold diversity as a positive influence within our culture.

We are committed to a variety of environmentally guided initiatives, including the Carbon Disclosure Project and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Responsible Investment is a key element of Newton’s investment process, and plays a critical role within some of our investment themes, such as ‘Earth matters’ and ‘state intervention’.


Newton responds to the needs of communities by supporting organisations and activities that advance the quality of life where our employees work, live and do business.

Employees are entitled to two paid days of volunteering every year. The company also has a matching policy for individual donations and fundraising. Our voluntary “salary sacrifice” is an initiative to facilitate charitable donations.

Our ‘Get Involved‘ group supports a variety of fundraising projects, and encourages employees to participate in fundraising and volunteer activities for a range of causes.

Code of Conduct

Newton, as part of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, adheres to the BNY Mellon Code of Conduct. This provides a practical set of principles that guide all our business decisions. Key areas of the Code are:

  • Respecting others;
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Conducting business;
  • Working with governments;
  • Protecting assets;
  • Supporting our communities.