A recent research study by behavioral finance specialists Oxford Risk found that 86% of US adults aged 39 or younger show an interest in responsible, social investing.* This partly stems from the reality of a changing world and society, as topics such as climate change have risen up the agenda. With the rapid rise of online connections and social media, there has also been an increasing awareness of social inequality, while greater prominence has been given to companies’ behavior, in terms of accountability and transparency around corporate governance.

of US adults aged 39 or younger show an interest in responsible, social investing

A Responsible Way to Invest in Your Future

The BNY Mellon Sustainable Balanced Fund

Newton Investment Management Limited is an affiliate of the fund’s investment adviser, BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc., and serves as the sub-adviser responsible for the portion of the fund’s assets allocated to equity and equity-related investments and overall asset allocation for the fund.

This strategy is offered by Newton Investment Management Ltd (NIM). NIM is part of the Newton Investment Management Group.

The Newton Investment Management Group is used to collectively describe a group of affiliated companies that provide investment advisory services under the brand name ‘Newton’ or ‘Newton Investment Management’. Investment advisory services are provided in the United Kingdom by Newton Investment Management Ltd (NIM) and in the United States by Newton Investment Management North America LLC (NIMNA). Both firms are indirect subsidiaries of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (‘BNY Mellon’).

* Sustainable Investment: Matching Strategies to Investors’ Goals – Volume II, Oxford Risk/Newton Investment Management, 2020.