I’m Lottie Meggitt and I’m a responsible investment analyst. So, I was brought up in Yorkshire for the first 20 years of my life. I was quite geeky at school, to be totally honest, but I was also very cheeky and did have a tendency to push them. I did maths, English literature, French and Latin A-levels; I did classics at university.

I first heard about Newton through the Boat Race. I was in the Cambridge University squad and I did the Lightweight Women’s Boat Race in 2013 and 2014. So I started rowing for Cambridge University in the first year of Newton’s sponsorship of the Boat Races, so this was the first year that the women had equal funding. The game completely changed for women, so we went from having to change in a tiny corner of the boathouse to suddenly them having to build changing rooms for us. We got our kit subsidized, our training camp subsidized, and that was because of Newton’s sponsorship and I think because of that, because I spent two years of my life, wearing Newton Investment Management on most of my clothes, I felt very positively about Newton, because of that.

The job came up at Newton when I was in my final year. The job was to join the investment communications team. I was definitely interested in doing something around the idea of communication and I found out that I got the job before I found out about my results and, having met the people who interviewed me, it was kind of a no-brainer at the time. So I first joined Newton in the investment communications team, I was there for about three and half years and while I was in that team, I was really keen to expand my knowledge base so I started doing exams and I realized through doing that that my interest definitely lay in the investment side of the business and I’d had lots of really good exposure and I really liked the sound of the things that they were doing. Very luckily, an opportunity came up in the responsible investment team.

Newton have been very, very supportive when it comes to development and they’re willing to give you the flexibility, so whether that’s, you know, time off, or even just help understanding some of the content of the things that you’re studying, I found that Newton’s been incredibly supportive.