Climate change is transforming the way that investors think about both opportunities and risks at a global level, and there is a palpable sense of alarm as we see the real-world, real-time effects of climate change play out in front of our eyes. With extreme weather events reported regularly in the media, a growing number of individuals are seeking more information about how their money is being invested, and there is growing pressure for the superannuation industry to focus on climate change and a host of other environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

While all Australia’s state governments have now pledged to be net zero in terms of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050, only a relatively small number of super funds have made the same commitment. However, following the deadly wildfires of 2020, there are mounting calls both from environmental activists and from funds’ own members for the retirement industry to take more decisive action.

Recognising the increasing imperative to reflect these concerns in portfolio design, and with the ultimate aim to enhance financial wellbeing, climate change has naturally been a significant area of focus for Newton for some time. A strong foundation of our investment approach is to consider the material ESG issues that affect future business prospects and the pricing of securities. We have been voting our clients’ shares since 1978, and we seek to drive positive change via both bond and equity holdings.

We use a ‘mosaic’ approach to incorporate climate change and broader sustainability issues into the fundamental analysis of the companies we invest in. The concept of ‘non-financial’ information is a misnomer, and it is often this non-accounting information which is critical to making an informed investment decision. We believe the discipline and perspective provided by this ‘mosaic’ approach has helped us to position our Global Dynamic Bond and Sustainable Global Dynamic Bond portfolios effectively.

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